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11 changes of skin during pregnancy

Now, when you are pregnant you may see how your skin changes. Here are the most common 11 occasions of skin changing.


You supposed that you breakouts days were over, but acne during pregnancy are even more severe than during adolescence. So you have to refresh in your memory all the teenage cleansing habits. Luckily the period of pregnancy is shorter than teenager’s time and the symptoms will end after the delivery.  Remember that your skin is very sensitive during this period so you should avoid abrasive scrubs. Not to do harm to a baby every anti – acne preparation as Accutane and Retin-A  have to be exiled, so you may use mild oatmeal – based scrubs to clean the pores.

The “pregnancy blush”

The blush that other notice during the pregnancy is not a sentimental old wives’ term. It has a biological nature. When you are pregnant the rate of the blood increases so the cheeks take a nice glow, because of many blood vessels under the skin. Up to the increased work of the oil gland the skin has the effect of wax shine. Even non – pregnant women can experience the flushed face when they are exited or nervous.

Pimply eruption

About one percent of pregnant women has red, itchy raised patches on their abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and extremities. The special term pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (dubbed PUPP) is used to describe this condition. It always appears during the third trimester and disappears after delivery. The treatment is the same as any other itchy skin eruption.

Red palms and soles

Even after the first month of pregnancy the insides of your hands and the bottom of the feet can take the reddish shade or itch. It is called palmar erythema and don’t worry much about it, this symptom just not more than the oddness of pregnancy.

The pregnancy mask

There exist the occasions when during the second trimester you look at you face and think that it is not yours. You can see yellowish or brownish patches they are also called chiliasm or pregnancy mask. It can appear anywhere but the most common places are upper cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. It happens because estrogen and progesterone – the pregnancy hormones, make melanin cell in the skin produce extra pigment. So you skin can take splotchy tan.  Some women who take oral contraceptives have already observed this hormones side-effect. Women with dark hair and skin can have darkened circles, resembling eye shadow, around their eyes. This changes can’t be treated but it can be minimized by dosing the ultraviolet light.

Linea nigra

As a rule, most women have women a faint linear alba, it is a white line which runs from belly – button to the center of the public bones. Before pregnancy you can even do not see it, but during the second trimester it becomes a linear nigra, soon after delivery it disappears.


At the end of the pregnancy most women can enjoy a good “scratch down”. This symptom is experienced because some areas of the skin are dry. A lot of women suppose that itching is the most irritating side. It mainly occurs over the abdomen, but also on hips and thighs.

Dark areas become darker

If you have moles and freckles, during pregnancy it can become bigger and dark spots become more visible. Also new spots can appear. If so, consult the doctor. The nipples and areoles of your breast will be much darker too. They will return their previous color soon after delivery.

Spider veins

During pregnancy increased blood volume and hormones can be the reason of visible red or purple capillaries exactly under the skin. It also happens with spider veins, so they appear on the sclera or on the face. Due to intense they can be broken. Known as nevi, it can be hidden by the use of special cosmetics. This symptom preserves much longer after delivery than the other changes. Sometimes veins on the legs or on the other parts of the body can not be removed without injections.

Skin tags

Some women during pregnancy experienced the so called skin tags. It is the areas where your skin rubs on clothes or parts of the body rub together. They are especially the areas under arms, under bra lines on the chest or, between neck folds. The reason of the effect is the hyperactive growth of a superficial layer of skin. It will disappear after delivery.

Heat rash

If you think that only babies can experience heat rash you are mistaken. During pregnancy the woman can have dampness from excessive perspiration, and the friction of skin rubbing against itself or against clothing. Because of it,  prickly heat rash is pimply and slightly irritating. It always happens at the areas where the belly rubs against the top of the pubic area, and on the inner thighs.

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